OkCat features two mystery artists in “Who Are They?” video

On February 5th, OkCat uploaded a video with two JYP Entertainment artists in OkCat head masks titled “Who Are They?”.

As the video opens, 2PM’s “Go Crazy” can be heard playing in the background while the two young men play around in the OkCat costume and jam out to the song. During the video, JYP Entertainment staff walk in to the room and are surprised by the view as they walk out of the frame.

At the end of the video, the two OkCats are revealed to be none other than Jackson and Bambam from the agency’s rookie group GOT7!

OkCat is a brand created by 2PM’s Taecyeon based off of his group character of the same name. Taecyeon has been the CEO of the brand since its launch in 2013 and has been creating a variety of merchandise and events for the brand ever since.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Jackson will be in a cast in the upcoming weeks as he recovers from an ankle injury after participating in the Idol Star Athletic Competition earlier this week. GOT7 is also currently starring in a web drama Dream Knight airing on Youku and NaverTV which surpassed 3 million views after it’s release.

Take a look at the silly video here: