PAPA YG updates: Are you ready for WINNER’s comeback?

YG Entertainment has a busy year planned as he teasingly hints on WINNER’s upcoming comeback as well! 

In a teasing update on his personal Instagram account on September 21st, Yang Hyun Suk posted WINNER’s logo with the tag asking, “Miss them?” He provided no other update except for the tags #WINNER #missthem? #innercircle, which left fans reacting to WINNER’s comeback. A music industry insider later on stated that WINNER is set to release their own album right after iKON later on this year.

Meanwhile, prior to the confirmation of iKON’s debut was announced, both groups hinted on their upcoming projects through the project film, “Dimension.” 

WINNER was initially meant to release an album right after BIGBANG’s comeback which was eventually pushed back due to certain issues.

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Source: MyDaily

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