Past photos of Untouchable’s Sleepy shows his complete 180 degree transformation

With Untouchable‘s Sleepy currently promoting his collaborative track “Cool Night,” past photos of the hip-hop artist has resurfaced, gaining attention for his 180 look.

Currently, Sleepy is part of the second season cast of MBC‘s Real Men where he has been receiving a lot of love and gaining the nickname of “Sad Zombie.”

Unlike his current looks today, Sleepy’s old photos revealed the artist to have a more rough look as he dons a thin mustache. In one image, he is seen wearing a fedora hat and large rimmed glasses and looking quite stylish, while in another he goes for a hip-hop concept with a bandanna and a large t-shirt. The third photo reveals him looking nonchalantly at the camera as he throws a V-sign and wearing a snapback and white beater.

However, today, Sleepy no longer has his mustache with his skin looking much healthier and glowing while still maintaining his hip-hop swag.

Currently, he is accompanied by SONAMOO‘s Minjae for his “Cool Night” promotions in lieu of SECRET‘s Song Jieun.

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