Past photos of YG Entertainment trainee Kim Jisoo surfaces

While YG Entertainment trainee Kim Jisoo has been receiving media attention from her first official public appearance in one of Epik High‘s newest music videos, photos from the trainee’s past have also been gaining attention.

On the October 22nd, past photos of YG Entertainment’s trainee, Kim Jisoo, began surfacing on online communities, garnering the attention of many netizens towards the trainee’s attractive appearance.

In the bottom left photo seen above, Kim Jisoo is sporting what many Koreans call the “apple hair-do”, where a portion of the hair is tied atop the head, resembling the stem of an apple. Many netizens left comments saying that the trainee looks pure, innocent, and adorable in the selca.

On the other hand, the photos seen to the right side are captures from a previous episode of MBC “Infinity Challenge“, where HaHa visited the YG Entertainment headquarter restaurant during the filming of the “2013 Music Festival” special.


Meanwhile, the songs in which the trainee appeared in the music video for have already dominated the top spots on several music charts.

Isn’t she just adorable in that apple hair-do?

Source: Sports World (1, 2) and Epik High Channel