These Pictures Of Jisoo At The 2018 Gayo Daejun Resurfaced And Are Scorching Social Media

Time to cleanse your TL with Jisoo’s visuals.

2018’s Gayo Daejun gave us one of BLACKPINK‘s most iconic performances. For one, all four members dancing to Jennie‘s “SOLO” was a moment to go down in history, but also each member’s visuals were on point that day (as usual). Each member is absolutely stunning, but Ms. Jisoo showed up and showed out as the official visual of the group.

On June 24, Jisoo fansite First Snow posted their fan-taken pictures from the event and they instantly made BLINKs fall in love with Jisoo’s look that day all over again.

It’s official that Jisoo makes headlines just by breathing – her small scene on Arthdal Chronicles trended #1 Worldwide on Twitter – but her goddess-level visuals easily explain why.

It’s no surprise why YG Entertainment chose her as the visual of the group, but in addition to her beauty she is a talent vocalist. Her unique husky voice that adds a charming and refreshing sound to BLACKPINK’s songs. With both beauty and talent, there’s nothing that Jisoo can’t do!

Source: @firstsnow_js