This Prejudice Against Men in Korea Is Slowly Decreasing

Korea is starting to accept this.

In the past, when men wore make-up, they would be considered “too feminine” and not “manly” enough. Nowadays, the stigma of men wearing make-up is slowly decreasing.

People don’t seem to mind it that much nowadays. In fact, many appreciate that they are taking care of themselves and are choosing to manage themselves well with make-up and skincare. Many also say that men doing their make-up causes no harm to others, so they don’t have a problem with it.

While many only prefer simple make-up, like BB Cream and lip balm, the fact that the stigma is slowly but surely disappearing is a good thing. If this continues on, maybe men in Korea will be able to express themselves with make-up the same way women do.

Source: The Qoo