Produce X 101 Trainee Lee Hangyul Gains Japanese Supporters For Looking Like This Actor

The resemblance is uncanny!

On June 1, 2019, Twitter user @xx_run24 posted a tweet in which she compares Produce X 101 contestant and MBK Entertainment trainee Lee Hangyul to famous Japanese actor Yoshizawa Ryo. She points out just how similar the two look, and many agree!

Is this Yoshizawa Ryo’s brother? His face is so similar to Yoshizawa Ryo. He (Lee Hangyul) was in an orphanage before being adopted at 7, so he doesn’t know his real parents. I want to give back to those who took care of him until now. Please make your debut.

Both are known for their sharp features and for being extremely handsome.

Yoshizawa Ryo is best known for his breakthrough roles in the “Gintama” live action movies as Okita Sougo and the “Friends Games” live action movies as Katagiri Yuichi.

Lee Hangyul is currently ranked at #21 as of episode five. Fans are hoping more people vote for him, saying that he has a perfect balance of dance skills, vocal skills, and visuals. He previously debuted in the boy group IM66.

The resemblance is definitely uncanny, and people can’t help but appreciate both of their beauty! The two have similar eye shapes and noses, and many agree that the trainee and the actor could definitely pass off as brothers.

Source: The Qoo