Producer NAMKING teases a possible GOT7 comeback

Producer NAMKING recently revealed a photo of GOT7‘s recording at JYP Entertainment‘s studios. Fans are speculating an upcoming comeback by the boy group.

On October 28th, producer NAMKING Nang uploaded a photo on his Instagram of a recording studio that he was working at. With the post, he checked-in his location at “JYP Entertainment” and put the caption, “It is difficult to do recording in the afternoon!!!! Argh GOT7!!!!!! Fighting Gilbum!! #jyp #jypstudio #got7 #beominangi“.

The photo producer NAMKING uploaded does not show any of the members, however, based on his caption on the Instagram it seems like the group is currently working with the producers to record new songs.

Fans reacted, “Is GOT7 coming back soon? OMGGG”, “I can’t wait to see them again!”, “GOT7 fighting!”,and “Fighting producer Nam!”.

In related news, the rookie male group recently hit 10 million views on their “A” music video and has been working on promotions in Japan for “Around The World”.

Take a look at the photo he uploaded here:

낮에 녹음하는건 힘들어!!! 악 got7!!!!!! 길범아화이팅 !! ㅋ #jyp #jypstudio #got7 #범이낭이

A photo posted by NAMKING Nang (@namkingking) on

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