Ravi apparently responds to iKON Bobby with own diss track

VIXX‘s rapper Ravi has come out with his own rap in response to iKON Bobby‘s alleged rap diss.

On December 3rd, netizens speculated that Bobby was either calling out fellow rappers for a battle or straight out dissing them. In his rap, titled YGGR #Hip Hop, some groups that were pointed out were Boyfriend, BTS, and VIXX. For VIXX in particular he said “You’ve all got a long way to go boy group rappers you come up on stage and do your clock dance. If you’re tone deaf, practice”

Before releasing the rap track Ravi uploaded the lyrics via his Twitter towards his fans. Netizens are already beginning to compare Bobby’s diss to “Control Beat Battle” and are worried that this will kick off an idol version of it. The track is titled “Diss Hater” and the lyrics are translated below by Koreaboo.


Yes I’m an Idol
But aren’t You a fuckin’ Idol?
When other people look at us we’re the same so lets stop pretending and
Stop with this disgusting diss battle right?
I admit to being a boy group rapper and the  clock dance but
I’m not tone deaf little brotha.
I’ve left my home and every night I hustle too.
I admit I’m jealous, 20 years old carrying Show Me trophy
with a career that chews up melons
and all this before you even debut.
You say this like its your habit “Chew out Bobby”
but i don’t give a fuck
I don’t wanna fight
Everyone’s the same you, me, him, them we all idols
If you’re a little better and scribble a bit with a pen does that make you more real?
That’s no no
We’re different you know
It’s easy to kill hip hop
but we ain’t the culprits, what i mean shit

 Source: Top Star News

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