Netizens speculate on Bobby’s lyrics as disses towards idol rappers

Netizens have been speculating about the lyrics of some of Bobby‘s songs, with some suggesting that the iKON member has been targeting members of other idol groups. The songs that have allegedly contained attacks include “Raise Your Guard And Bounce,” “YGGR#HipHop,” and “Come Here,” all of which are said to contain insults directed at rappers of other idol groups.

The lyrics from “Raise Your Guard and Bounce” read:

“I’m the man who broke all underground rappers’ pride as an idol
You diss me cuz I swear as an idol?
You must be fucking kidding me (wordplay in Korean: you must be playing foot tennis), pissing me off
When I’m riding the rhythm nothing can stop me
You want to mess with me? You’re in over your head
Scrawny skinny boyfriends (reference to the idol group)
Playing tough in front of you, the girl”

Many netizens have interpreted the lyrics of the song to be directed toward Boyfriend, as the word “boyfriend” is explicitly stated, and the last line from the excerpt includes the literal translation of the Korean title of Boyfriend’s track, “Obsession.”

Another example, found in “YGGR#HipHop”:

I can’t let these jealousies and the shaking heads go unseen
My voice and my money gets bigger and bigger in front of the people
I make all this while I’m living my dream
Straight up rap money
You’ve all got a long way to go boy group rappers you come up on stage
and do your clock dance. If you’re tone deaf, practice

The reference here is a bit more obvious, as the “clock dance” mentioned can be easily interpreted as the signature move from VIXX‘s “Miracle.”

Lastly, netizens were quick to point out the lyrics to “Come Here” as a direct attack on BTS‘s Rap Monster:

I’m living the wild life I don’t need to be a pretty boy
They call me a monster I never gave myself the title
You all like body length mirrors more than the underground dungeons
If skills were appearances I’d be Wonbin in front of bullet-proof glass

“Monster” here refers to Rap Monster and bullet-proof glass refers to BTS, according to the speculation of the theorists.

Many netizens have decried Bobby for targeting members of idol groups from smaller entertainment companies, while others speculate that the YG Entertainment rapper is just sending an invitation to a competitive rap battle. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Source: Instiz