Red Velvet releases teaser images for “Ice Cream Cake” ft. Yeri, Irene, and Joy

After making an unexpected announcement that the group would be welcoming new member Yeri to the group, Red Velvet followed up by releasing several teaser images for their upcoming album Ice Cream Cake

The images, which feature Irene and Joy, as well as new member Yeri, exemplifies the girls’ youthful charm and beauty. Although the cold winter weather has not yet passed, the warm and bright pictures of the SM Entertainment girl group will definitely make it feel like summer has already arrived!

Ice Cream Cake will be the group’s first full album, following their singles “Happiness” and “Be Natural” in 2014. The album, which is planned for release on March 18th, promises to present fans with a newer and more mature charms of the girls.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Red Velvet’s upcoming album! For now, you can check out the beautiful teaser images for “Ice Cream Cake” below!

Red Velvet13

Red Velvet12

Red Velvet11

Red Velvet10

Red Velvet9

Red Velvet8

Red Velvet7

Red Velvet6

Red Velvet5

Red Velvet4

Red Velvet3

Red Velvet2

Red Velvet1

Red Velvet

Red Velvet15

Red Velvet14