Red Velvet shares additional image and audio teasers for “Ice Cream Cake” album

A series of individual image teasers for members Wendy and Seulgi have been published on Red Velvet‘s official website, as well as an inside listen to one of their new tracks.

With light colored hair and contact lenses, Wendy and Seulgi pose individually, showing off their innocently and dreamy-like charms in the middle of a dry desert. In contract to their surroundings, the members wear brightly colored clothes, making them further stand out.

In addition to sharing the remaining solo photos, visitors to their website could also hear a new tune playing in the background, and is a track from Red Velvet’s upcoming album Ice Cream Cake. Though the title was not revealed, listeners can hear the lighthearted and upbeat track, something they can expect in the girl’s comeback performances.

Ice Cream Cake will be released on March 18th and will featured the new member Yeri.