Red Velvet’s Joy reveals what she thought when she first saw Irene

On a recent broadcast, Red Velvet’s Joy reveals her first impression on fellow group member Irene after seeing her for the first time

On September 15th, the members of SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet were featured as guests on MBC FM4U Two o’clock Date With Park Kyung Lim.

During the show, Joy revealed her first impression of fellow member Irene when she saw her for the first time. She confessed,

“Irene was the first person I saw after coming to SM Entertainment. I was shocked after seeing how pretty she was. I told my mother ‘I don’t think I can be an idol. I don’t have the confidence anymore.'”

Member Seulgi then added to the conversation with her own first impression of the Red Velvet leader.

“I was also shocked at how pretty Irene was. And also, there were many stories of how Yeri looked like Girls’ Generation sunbae Yoona.”

[ +1409 / -76] Indeed she is pretty…..

[ +1305 / -70] To be honest, she is really pretty. Seems like a really pretty doll.

[ +1101 / -83] Irene was always pretty even before her debut…. She is still pretty

[ +971 / -77] All members of Red Velvet are pretty but Irene is the prettiest in my eyes

[ +851 / -68] I mean Irene is really pretty alright.. I’m just curious to see how much prettier she will get

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