Ridiculously long line of fans outside Tokyo Dome proves TVXQ’s immense popularity

TVXQ has once again proven their immense popularity in Japan after recent photos were posted online showing the abnormally long queues of fans waiting outside Tokyo Dome prior to their concert.

In the images, fans can be seen split into several rows lining up outside and around the venue in an orderly fashion. However, with the large number of fans, the queue then stretches out onto the street, across the street, along the bridge and even below the bridge! This comes as no surprise as not only TVXQ is one of the most iconic groups in K-pop, but also because member Yunho is due to enlist into the military rather soon.

Meanwhile, Yunho is set to appear in the upcoming web drama I Order You alongside Kim Ga Eun with an expected release date of mid-June, in addition to releasing his first solo Japanese mini album this July.


Source: Sirgle