Is this rookie group the skinniest female girl group in K-pop?

Netizens discuss how skinny rookie group Lovelyz are in real life.

Many girl groups have made their debut in 2015 that are all trying to get noticed in the K-pop industry. Although many groups such as Red Velvet have their huge corporation-like agencies backing them up, there are groups like G-friend who has made their presence known through a viral video of working hard and falling on a slippery stage even being featured in foreign medias. However, it is often up to the fans to try and make their artists more popular through various online communities and even explaining bad rumors by defending them.

Lovelyz is a group that many netizens have regarded as a group with members that don’t have the physical traits to be an idol. Some members were often considered too chubby and were not fit enough to be an K-pop idol.

Originally posted on Pann, fans defend rookie group Lovelyz by explaining their hard work ethics and their skinniness.

Titled “Lovelyz Members Are So Skinny,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.



“I was shocked after watching these two GIFs… Their legs are literally all bones T_T_T_T

Even the members that I thought were skinny due to their baby fat, they are all skinny..

I heard that they are not even given television, cellphones and laptops but is that real?? I heard that they won’t receive any of them until they get first place… T_T_T_T I saw where they live but I think they all live in one room… I think they are growing this rookie group strong in a difficult environment.. haha I hope they get first place in their next comeback because I feel really bad.. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.11.52 PM

[ +81 / -15] Hey everyone, you all thought Soojung would be chubby due to her face right? Absolutely not… She is really skinny and even her legs are really long; (This is the only full shot of her…..)


[ +59 / 0] Woah…….. Feels like they would break even with a light tap

[ +41 / 0] They don’t live in a one room~ Only two people live in the room featured on that show and the rest of the 6 members live in a huge room together!

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