Rumors of f(x)’s Victoria requesting contract termination trend on Weibo

Rumors of f(x)’s Victoria terminating her contract with SM Entertainment have been spreading like wildfire on Weibo.

In the evening of May 29th, an entertainment news insider posted on Weibo, “[I] got a reliable piece of information: Victoria has unilaterally brought up contract termination with SM, and will come back to China to set up a personal studio. The reason for the contract termination is Victoria wants to have a personal studio in China, but SM denied the request citing Victoria’s inexperience.

Victoria Rumor 1

As the rumors spread, Chinese media outlet Sina reached out to SM Entertainment’s staff in China for comments. The staff at SM Entertainment expressed that SM’s headquarters is currently confirming it with Victoria. They continued on to say if there’s any updates, SM Entertainment will reveal it in a statement.

Additionally, Sina points out two things that appears to contradict the rumors. First, the denial of a personal studio for Victoria due to inexperience appears to make no logical sense, given that EXO’s Lay is Victoria’s hoobae and was recently granted permission to set up a personal studio.

Secondly, just a few minutes before the rumors spread, Victoria posted pictures on her personal Weibo account, one of which was of her holding a “SMTOWN ID Card.” In the post, Victoria also mentioned that she “went to the company for a stroll.”

Victoria Rumor 2

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for updates.

Source: Weibo and Sina