SM Entertainment establishes individual studio in China to support Lay of EXO-M

As many idol groups consist of many members from different parts of the world, EXO, one of most popular idol groups is not an exception. This time, SM Entertainment (hereby SME) established a studio in China to support their artists in their Chinese activities.

Artists who are under the agency may use the studio while staying in China for their schedule. For example, Lay of EXO-M can be active in China while being supported by the agency through the new idea.

SME mentions, “Currently we’ve set up a workshop in China on March 2015. EXO-M’s Lay will be using the workshop in condition of an exclusive contract with SM. During his contract time, Lay will be fully supported while proceeding with his schedule in China.

The agency looks to aim for a safe and trusted relationship between the agency and their idols through this expansion. While certain members maybe out of country due to schedules in Korea, they will still be in contract with SME.

Source: Star News

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