Scooter Braun hints on CL’s album release: “You are next”

If you feel like the wait for CL’s American solo album is taking quite some time, a hint from her manager Scooter Braun may bring some good news. 

It started on November 5th when CL posted a short video clip of her jamming to Justin Bieber’s latest track “Sorry,” while out celebrating the launch of Teddy’s exclusive collaboration with PHIATON. The update, which was posted on her personal Instagram account, was tagged with the caption saying, “Sending @scooterbraun @skrillex@bloodpop @justinbieber so much love from seoul cityyy #LOVETHISSONG#SORRY.” 

Catching the attention of her fans for her public support, Scooter Braun, director for SB Projects and in charge of CL’s activities in the United States, posted an uplifting reply saying, “We feel the love. You are next.” 

The reply led to more speculations if the hint points to the release of CL’s debut solo album in the United States. It can be recalled that the singer was first introduced to release her solo album last Spring, but was met with some delays.

Since then, CL has been balancing her solo preparations and other commitments in the United States and South Korea.

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