Secret’s Song Jieun reveals Lee Kwang Soo as ideal type

Secret’s Song Jieun revealed that her ideal type was none other than actor and Running Man star Lee Kwang Soo!

In the interview accompanying her photoshoot with International BNT magazine, Jieun revealed that she thought that Lee Kwang Soo was an amazing person. “Nowadays, Lee Kwang Soo oppa seems very cool to me. Even in Running Man. It is not an easy thing to forget your image and lower yourself for others but I think he is amazing for doing that,” she said shyly.

She also spoke about how the song “Beautiful 25” came about. “I have always thought that I needed a good opportunity to come so that I could compete in good faith (with the other members) and to grow. The song ‘Beautiful 25’ was born while talking about age with the Double Sidekick oppas.

Jieun recently made a solo comeback with the song “Beautiful 25”, and performed on this week’s KBS Music Bank. Fellow member Hyosung also dropped by to show her support.

Source: W Star News