SHINee holds surprise party to celebrate Jonghyun’s solo debut

SHINee has released a touching video of the surprise party that they held in support of Jonghyun’s solo debut, where they shared their goofy, caring sides with fans. 

Despite their busy individual schedules, the members of SHINee found the time to gather and put together a touching celebration to document Jonghyun’s solo debut.

While Minho, Onew, Key, and Taemin were waiting for Jonghyun’s arrival, they expressed their well wishes and support for their fellow member. Onew and Key apologized for not being able to make Jonghyun’s showcase.

When Jonghyun finally walked into the room, the members jumped up, yelling “Surprise,” congratulating Jonghyun and giving him the congratulatory cake. In return, Jonghyun gifted his members with a copy of his album, personalized with messages for each member.

Jonghyun successfully made his solo debut on January 12th with his first album BASE and has brought home eight trophies from his activities on music shows.

Take a look at their cute video here: