SHINee’s Jonghyun is all tied up in “Base” MV teaser

Soon after the official announcement of SHINee Jonghyun’s impending solo debut, an intense music video teaser for his title track “Base” has been released.

With an intricate structure in the background, Jonghyun is seen on his knees, his wrists shackled on either side of him from chains tied from the ceiling. Wearing a snazzy shirt with matching jacket and pants, Jonghyun heads looks up, his eyes flashing a light blue as he gives an intense cool stare.

Letting his head fall back down to his chest, the singer could be heard whispering the words, “The reason danger is more attractive. The reason it’s more exciting.” 

A “Y” appears, matching Jonghyun’s current form before his official solo logo appears.

The SHINee member will be releasing his first mini-album BASE on January 12th, and will be having his first solo debut stage on January 9th on KBS Music Bank.