SHINee’s Key receives McDonald’s coupons for great Halloween costume

On November 12th, SHINee’s Key received an unexpected message from McDonald’s which he shared with his fans on Instagram.

As previously reported, the SM Entertainment boy group made agency history by bringing the Halloween spirit to their festivities. A recent message from the marketing staff at McDonald’s seems to confirm the dedication that the boys have for their costumes.

The message thanks Key for helping promote the company’s brand with his impressive costume which was complete from wig to makeup to outfit and gloves. In response, fans left their messages of laughter at the gesture with others even asking of Onew will receive a similar package from KFC.

Check out the posts below:

oh my…..

A photo posted by 범키범 (@bumkeyk) on

thanks… to #mcdonalds #mcdonaldskorea

A photo posted by 범키범 (@bumkeyk) on

A photo posted by 범키범 (@bumkeyk) on

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