Shinhwa’s Andy apologises for gambling controversy on “Healing Camp”

Reflecting for his actions over the past year, Andy apologises to the public and his fans on the special episode of Healing Camp featuring Shinhwa. 

On February 23rd, Healing Camp aired the special episode featuring Shinhwa along with member Andy who returned to the limelight following his hiatus. On the said episode, Andy talked about the illegal gambling case he was involved in and revealed that, “As an individual and a celebrity, I wanted to apologise for the disappointment and disgraced caused by my act.” 

Aside from expressing his gratefulness for his fellow members, he also apologised to them for the turmoils caused.

Meanwhile, as Shinhwa prepares for the release of WE on February 26th, it was also confirmed by broadcasting agency MBC that Andy’s broadcast ban has been lifted as of January 19th.

The ban was put into place following his illegal sports gambling controversy back in 2013.

Check out the full segment of Andy’s confession below:

Source: StarNews