MBC lifts broadcast ban on Shinhwa’s Andy

MBC is reported to have lifted the ban on Andy as he prepares for a comeback with Shinhwa this month. 

According to MBC on February 17th, “Andy’s ban was lifted on January 19th and can now appear on all shows on MBC.” It was further added that the broadcasting agency reconsiders the ban once a request from an artist was made.

Andy was initially charged for illegal sports gambling back in 2013 and paid the fine of 5 million won. Since January 2014, MBC has put a ban on all of his appearances on their programs.

As the ban is lifted, Andy is set to appear on Section TV Entertainment Relay on February 22nd to introduce the music video filming for Shinhwa’s title track, “Sniper.”

Shinhwa will be promoting “Sniper” from their 12th album We on February 26th.

Source: OSEN

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