Siblings JOO and BTOB’s Ilhoon get together for stylish pictorial for “InStyle”

The Jung siblings, BTOB‘s Ilhoon and ballad singer JOO, came together for a special sibling pictorial with InStyle.

With a colorful retro look for their pictorial concept, the two artists’ playful side are captured as they play the part of a photographer.

During the interview segment with InStyle, Ilhoon revealed, “My sister debuted as a high-teen singer, and at the time, people called me ‘JOO’s dongsaeng’ and I hated that. At the time I had ‘7th grade disease,’ so when I had a mic, I thought I owned the world.”

“I went into music without my family knowing, and during my trainee period, I finally understood the hardship my sister went through, and we became closer.”

JOO, who recently moved agencies from JYP Entertainment to Woollim Entertainment, said, “There’s not a lot of room for a ballad female singer in the music industry, and I have contemplated a change in musical direction. But a lot of people really like my [representative] songs ‘Because of a Man’ and ‘Bad Guy,’ so I’m confident in my new album.”

The remaining pictorial and full interview can be found in the May 2015 issue of InStyle.

Ilhoon JOO InStyle May 2015-1

Source: The Star Chosun