SM Rookies Taeyong admits to past obscene behavior, scamming, and apologizes

Earlier in the week, we reported that SM Rookies’ member Taeyong was under harsh criticism from netizens after they had allegedly discovered his obscene past and scamming history. Now, SM Entertainment has confirmed the rumors and has issued an apology from Taeyong.

This scandal stemmed from alleged comments made by Taeyong online, which contained demeaning language concerning a group of Japanese students. In the messages, Taeyong repeatedly uses the word “retard” and other obscene languages and it was revealed he had scammed multiple people, numerous times.


Now, SM Entertainment has released a statement admitting to their trainees mistakes stating, “He deeply regrets his actions from middle school when he wasn’t old enough to properly judge right from wrong. He would like to apologize to everyone who he affected back than. Not only will Taeyong, but the company also will try our best to raise him to be an artist with both great skill and personal values.”

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.