Song Ji Hyo says Gary is the most important thing from Running Man to her

The members of SBS variety show Running Man voted for the member whom they think was late the most on the show, and it seems like they are all pointing to the only female cast Song Ji Hyo!

On January 17th, five out of the seven fixed cast members made an appearance at a fanmeeting in Taiwan. Namely Ji Suk Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo, the five of them were present at a question and answer session with the local media before meeting their fans.

In particular, one of the questions asked was “Who is the person who shows up late most frequently?” Although the five of them did not directly point out a person, the four men answered the question in an interesting way, showing another example of the great entertainers they are. They stood up from their seats and sat down near Song Ji Hyo, giving a hint that it is her.

They jokingly added, “We really have no choice. We really cannot point out anyone,” and “Keep this a secret. This is a secret,” gaining much laughter on set.

At the same time, Song Ji Hyo was asked about what she gained from filming Running Man. To that, she replied, “Gary, who is currently in Guangzhou,” showing her affection for her “Monday Couple” partner once again. It had become a hot topic recently when a photo of the two showing close skinship was circulated online.

Meanwhile, Gary was not able to attend the Taiwan fanmeeting with his fellow members that day as he was in Guangzhou, China for his solo fan meeting. Prior to that, he had also attended the 2014 Youku Night on January 16th in Beijing, receiving the Entertainment Spirit Award in behalf of the Running Man team.

Source: TVReport