Speculation arises over After School member graduations

After School‘s Jooyeon updated her personal Instagram account with a group photo on November 20th, and netizens have started guessing if certain members of the group After School might be graduating soon.

Jooyeon first posted a group photo with 9 ladies posing happily with peace signs and captioned it “It was very fun”. Not long after, she updated with another group photo, captioning it “The reason why UEE and I are crying?“.

In the photo, Jooyeon was seen covering her face with a napkin, while UEE was also covering her mouth with both of her hands. Seeing that there were two cakes lit with candles on the table, it could have been a party among the After School members. However, there were no upcoming birthdays of any of the members, so many netizens have started guessing if it was perhaps a farewell party for some members instead.

Possible candidates for graduation included the three oldest members of the group, namely Jungah, Jooyeon, and UEE. At 32 years old this year, Jungah is the oldest and currently the leader of the group. Recently, UEE and Jooyeon have been more involved in individual appearances and acting projects. UEE had also hinted through an interview earlier in April that she might be graduating from the group.

Meanwhile, After School unveiled a music video for their new Japanese CM song “SHINE,” as they will head to Osaka on November 24th for their AFTER SCHOOL JAPAN TOUR 2014 -Dress to SHINE- tour after completing two days of concerts in Tokyo on the 21st and 22nd.