SPICA releases 2nd “Ghost” MV teaser

SPICA continues to tease fans for their upcoming comeback with the release of another music video teaser for their new track “Ghost,” after giving fans a taste of their new concept through teaser images and a previous video teaser released earlier this week. 

While the previous video teaser showcased a soft, heartbreaking rap followed by a powerful chorus, the new teaser starts with an instrumental melody before bridging into the same emotional chorus. The hauntingly beautiful music follows the girls as they practice walking down the runway in preparation for a fashion showcase.

Following the sad storyline set in the previous teaser, this video begins with a tearful scene in black and white. However, it slowly evolves into a video with bright, festive colors as the girls overcome their hardships to confidently walk down the runway.

“Ghost” is a unique song made in collaboration with Sweetune, and utilizes a mix of guitars and synth to draw out the depth of the lyrics.

SPICA.S, a sub-unit of SPICA, has recently been promoting their debut single “Give Your Love,” while SPICA as a whole has made appearances on isaTV‘s East Meets Morgan, and performed their American debut track “I Did It” at KCON in August.

“Ghost” will be released on Wednesday, November 5th.

Check out their new teaser video below: