SPICA reveals “Ghost” MV teaser

After having recently announced their upcoming November comeback as a full group, the ladies of SPICA have dropped the music video teaser of “Ghost” for viewers to enjoy.

Despite the haunting title, the teaser shows that the song is more of a power-ballad track, opening with a soft but heartbreaking rap. In the latter half of the teaser, the backbeat and driving rhythm enter with SPICA’s signature bold vocal line. Although the group has only unveiled a short 30-second teaser of “Ghost”, fans have already been showing their excitement for the upcoming track.

The music video teaser has a very purple theme, showing the group members backstage getting their hair and make up done. However, a sad tale appears to ensue as tears fall before a grand performance. “Ghost” is a collaboration with Sweetune and listeners can hear the Sweetune style from the mixing and selection of instrumentation through guitars and synth.

While the group was busy promoting as sub-unit SPICA.S, the group was also recently together for isaTV‘s East Meets Morgan and performed their American debut track in the States.

The full music video and fresh single will be released on November 5th.

Check out the music video teaser here: