SPICA will return to the stage for November comeback with “Ghost”

SPICA will be returning to the stage as a complete team this November with new single “Ghost”, a collaboration with Sweetune. The members of SPICA have been busy with their sub-unit activities with SPICA.S. Now, SPICA fans can rejoice as the girls will be returning to the stage as a full group next month.

Their new single “Ghost”, which is set to release on November 5th, is a special autumn gift to the fans composed by Sweetune. SPICA and Sweetune have previously worked together for the song “Russian Roulette”.

The song “Ghost” talks about the feeling of emptiness that visits people’s hearts from time to time and the inability to control its existence. The track will show a deep sense of loneliness, building on the cold feeling associated with the end of fall and beginning of winter. Known for their powerful vocals, SPICA is set to bring listeners another moving track this season.

The song will be released on November 5th through various online music sites but be sure to stay tuned for more SPICA updates

Source: Ten Asia