Sulli Continues Posting Photos With No Bra And Female Netizens Are Extremely Supportive

They are supporting her.

Sulli has been known for her “No Bra” fashion, which has lead to numerous freakouts and controversies with netizens. She recently posted selfies of her sporting pink lenses to match her pink hair and netizens noticed that she was once again braless. Instead of freaking out, however, female netizens voiced out their support for Sulli’s choices.

Many agree that wearing a bra all day every day is extremely uncomfortable. While most women said that they didn’t have the confidence to go without a bra in public, they are supportive of her choices.

I also want to “No bra”. Especially in the summer ~ Sulli, fighting!

– Korean Netizen

Female netizens have mentioned that it’s just men who think negatively of her no bra fashion, but that most women are cheering for her.

Some women have said that they too have started going braless in public, especially during the winter and they have many layers to cover themselves up. Many have expressed how proud they are of Sulli and hope she continues to do what she does.

Source: Naver