Sulli remains absent from f(x)’s recent CF shoot

Sulli remains absent as her fellow f(x) members Victoria, Luna, Amber and Krystal tease fans from the set of their latest CF. 

On May 1st, f(x)’s fans were bombarded with a number of adorable video and photo updates from all four members through Instagram as they shoot the latest campaign for Baskins and Robbins. The members were styled in colourful, spring ensembles as they make cute poses towards the camera.

However, despite their public reunion, fans cannot help but continuously speculate on Sulli’s absence following her hiatus from SM Entertainment last year. Since her temporarily leave, she was seen on a number of public appearances and pictorials, including a recent public sighting of her and boyfriend, Choiza.

Check out the full updates from f(x)’s ongoing activities below!