Sulli ♡ Choiza: Both parties admit they were on a date

Both f(x)‘s Sulli and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza have admitted that they went out on a date and both agencies say they will not interfere with their personal lives.

SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture had confirmed their relationship in August last year, with the two being spotted on dates afterwards.

Paparazzi photos released on April 16th revealed that the celebrity couple could have been on a late night date in Yongsan-gu on April 15th, right after Sulli landed in Korea from her Bali photoshoot, although the identities were only speculated and not yet confirmed at that time.

Right after a photo from their most recent date started spreading, Choiza’s side admitted that both Sulli and him were the ones captured in it, and stated, “The relationship between the two involves their personal lives, so the company will not interfere too much.”

Following which, Sulli’s side also responded similarly, “We have verified that Sulli is the one in the photo. The two publicly admitted their relationship, and because this involves their personal lives, the company will not interfere.”

In response, netizens have also expressed their support for the two’s privacy, with the top comment writing, “That’s right, celebrities are also human. Please stop” [+11846,-655]

Source: ilkan sports and naver