Sungmin revealed to have drank 9 bottles of soju when asking for his wife’s hand in marriage

On a recent television program, Kim Sa Eun discussed the story of her husband, Super Junior member Sungmin, asking for her hand in marriage.

In fact, on the variety program, Hundred Years Guest, Kim Sa Eun revealed that as her father and Sungmin were drinking on the fateful night, Sungmin was so nervous that he had to drink nine bottles of soju before asking for her father’s blessing for their marriage.

Later that night, she said that her husband and father became so drunk that they continuously shook each other’s hands. The singer also added that despite drinking so much soju, Sungmin remained very nervous, saying, “My husband was so nervous that even after drinking so much he walked straight on his way home.”

Kim Sa Eun’s story was very humorous, but another guest on the show added, “He’s still a bad son in law for going to the army right after marriage,” leading to a lot more laughter from the crowd.

Source: Osen