Super Junior shows their support for Kyuhyun’s first solo album!

Super Junior members have taken to their respective SNS accounts to post about fellow member Kyuhyun’s first solo mini-album!Kyuhyun’s song “At Gwanghwamun” and mini-album of the same title were released at midnight KST on November 13th and since then, fellow Super Junior members have been showing their support with encouraging posts!

Kyuhyun’s track “At Gwanghwamun” is a beautiful ballad that showcases the balance between Kyuhyun’s strong vocals and the tracks complimentary harmony. Kyuhyun’s debut solo achieved an all-kill soon after his release on the 13th and fans as well as fellow members took to twitter to show support as he trended worldwide. He also revealed the process and thoughts behind his solo project through an interview.

On November 13th, Kyuhyun also released a music video for the track which features Red Velvet‘s Irene!

Check out what the members of Super Junior had to say about their member’s solo debut!

Ryeowook writes “Great song ^^!!!! Listening to Kyuhyun’s song as it changes from Autumn to Winter ~>< Kyuhyun has worked hard !!! I’ll look forward to future songs as well !!!♡ The pride of Super Junior!!! Keke Good Night ~” and he includes a screenshot of his phone as he listens to the new track.

Meanwhile Yesung posted a funny photoshopped picture of the two of them as a married couple and writes “Our makdoongie kkryu~^^ gwanghwamoon.. Congratulations [and] HWAITING!!”

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Meanwhile Kangin posted a screenshot on Instagram that shows Kyuhyun’s single ranked at #1 as he writes, “Congratulations I am so proud of our makdoongie Kyuhyunah. We congratulate you!”

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Yesung posted an old photoshoot picture that features the two of them and writes lovingly, “our makdoongie kkryu~^^ gwanghwamoon.. Congratulations [and] HWAITING!!”

Meanwhile, Heechul, who is known for his long posts and funny anecdotes, recalls nostalgically, “Kya~ I heard ‘Gwanghwamoon’ in Japan but… As expected Kim Gyu’s voice is delicious (the reason why I’m calling Cho Kyuhyun Kim Gyu is when I first met him, I didn’t know his last name and called him Kim Kyuhyun) this hyung’s heart still freezes when he listens to ‘Love of 7 Years’ T.T Anyway, stay strong with your new track our Kim Gyu! Is Ryeowook’s solo album next?! Is it? Is it? SM??? Will they store Ryeowook’s voice as well?? :O :O”

Eunhyuk sings Kyuhyun’s praises saying, “As I was traveling by train, my phone is exploding just now! I’m listening, I’m listening now I heard a lot of it but I’m listening still Kyuhyun-ah you suffered a lot and thank you for singing a great song” and finishes it off lovingly by telling Kyuhyun to buy his hyung [Eunhyuk] something.

He also posted a second tweet that read “Great job, carry on.” As with the previous tweet, he included a screenshot of Kyuhyun’s single at the top of another chart as well.