T-ARA releases voices for Boram, Qri and Hyomin for TARA-HOLIC app

On October 30th, T-ARA announced on their official Facebook page that they have released the voices of Boram, Qri, and Hyomin for their TARA-HOLIC app’s alarm feature. 

TARA-HOLIC is the official application managed by T-ARA. After much anticipation by fans, the application finally released the voices of Boram, Qri and Hyomin for fans to enjoy before going to sleep and as they wake up.

For those unfamiliar with the application, here are the basic features:

– News feed
T-ARA’s personal story just for you.

– Photo
You can see special photos taken by T-ARA.

– Location
It will tell you their current location.

– Whisper
Whisper to T-ARA.

– Compass
A special compass that exists only here!
Now you can know where they are right away.
You can find T-ARA’s location and distance from you through the compass in real time.

And of course, there’s the alarm function, which allows users to set their alarms to play the voices of the T-ara members. So far, fan reception has been overwhelmingly positive, showing the massive appeal of the 6-member group.

The girls recently made a comeback with their latest hit “Sugar Free” but are already set to make another comeback in less than a week with a new track, “Little Apple”. Are you excited for another T-ARA comeback? Do you use the Tara-Holic app?

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