Tablo gives Haru sweet fatherly advice in “Marie Claire” interview

EPIK HIGH‘s Tablo recently sat down with Marie Claire for a full interview to be published in the magazine’s December publication, sharing words about his interests, travel, and his family.

The interview began with a segment regarding Tablo’s career and musical interests. He shared his outlook on the current hip hop trend and hinted at new projects by sharing his playlists are currently filled with demos.

Next, Tablo shared his travel experiences, naming Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island as his top three travel destinations in Asia. A comparison between the East and the West ended the segment on travel.

Next, the interview moved onto questions about his family life. One of the more memorable answers Tablo gave in this interview is about his young daughter Haru. The girl has accumulated a wide following on social media, recently hitting 1 million followers on Instagram. In a previous interview, the rapper already shared some thoughts about a future in the industry for Haru and now gave a line of loving advice to her.

When asked what he would say to her, Tablo responded with: “I would tell her, ‘Your heart is more precious than anything the world can offer you’,” showing yet again the deep relationship between the father and daughter. He also said, “Haru Lee (my daughter) is gonna take over the world one day,” cutely indicating his confidence in her abilities and future.

The full interview will be published in the December edition of Marie Claire Man.

Source: Marie Claire

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