Tablo shares affectionate photo of himself and his daughter on Instagram

A photo of the father-daughter combo Tablo and Haru has tugged at the heartstrings of both fans and netizens.

Published on July 28th on Haru’s personal Instagram created by her father, Tablo of Epik High, a photo of Tablo holding his daughter in his arms was shared with the public. The post was captioned, “Having a fun and exciting day with my dad.”

Tablo and Haru took over the hearts of viewers during their long-time appearance on the hit KBS 2TV family show Return of Superman. Despite leaving the show at the end of December 2014, fans can continue to keep track of Haru’s shenanigans through her Instagram at @tabloisdad.

[+346 / -18] Haru is growing prettier~~~

[+260 / -15] The ambience of Haru is really jjang ㅋㅋ

[+218 / -14] Seeing Haru and Tablo’s father-daughter relationship is nice ㅎ

[+170 / -15] Showing love ^~^^~^

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Source: TV Report