Tablo uploads teaser for “Rich” ft. Taeyang on Instagram

Epik High‘s Tablo updated his Instagram on October 25th with a short video of Big Bang‘s Taeyang as a possible teaser for a music video for “Rich”. 

Epik High released their album Shoebox this month, which has been a great success, and its tracks dominated the charts as soon as they came out. The album features some of Korea’s most prominent artists such as Beenzino, Verbal Jint and Taeyang.

The trio have released music videos for their tracks “Born Hater“, “Spoiler”, and “Happen Ending“. In the Instagram post, Taeyang is seen lip-synching to his part in the song and as the camera pans out you see Tablo  in the background fanning himself with a fan that has the latter’s name on it. Could we possibly see another music video from Epik High for “Rich”? The video was taken backstage during YG Family‘s latest concert stop in Taiwan on October 25th.

Meanwhile Epik High has been sharing the spotlight with some of its junior by announcing that they will perform “Happen Ending” with Akdong Mucisian‘s Lee Soo Hyun and solo artist Lee Hi.

Check out the funny Instagram video of Taeyang and Tablo below:


Tablo of Epik High(@blobyblo)님이 게시한 동영상 – 날짜: