Tablo’s new label under YG Entertainment to be called “HIGH GROUND”

In an exclusive interview, YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, revealed that Tablo’s new hip-hop label will be called HIGH GROUND

Earlier in the week, we reported that YG Entertainment would be creating a sub-label with Tablo as the head for underground hip-hop artists.

Now, Yang Hyun Suk has revealed more information about the label, with the announcement of the company name being HIGH GROUND. In the interview with Osen, he reveals, “We normally call hip-hop ‘underground,’ but ours is ‘High Ground.’ We want to make underground mainstream, and the quality will be stunning.”

He continues on to say,I am going to support them so they can do music in good environment. I am giving TABLO an exclusive label although he is part of YG. My long-term goal is to give each YG artist their individual label. YG will take care of complicated administration like marketing, management and the red tape. Artists will be able to focus on creative music activities.”

It looks like even G-DRAGONCL and the other YG members will eventually receive their own sub-labels as well! Stay tuned for more details.

Source: YG-LIFE