Taemin and Onew meet their sasaeng fan on SNL Korea 6 skit

Appearing on the May 30th episode of tvN‘s SNL Korea 6, SHINee‘s Taemin and Onew acted in a scene where they meet a sasaeng fan in person.

Set in a context where Taemin and Onew visit an old friend’s home, the two are introduced to their friend’s wife played by comedian Ahn Young Mi, who turns out to be crazily in love with SHINee.

In the beginning, she tries to hide her affection for the two idols, but she soon fails as she naturally offered to call Taemin’s manager when she was told of a car with a specific license plate that had to be moved away. As Taemin was bewildered by her knowledge of his license plate as well as his manager’s phone number, she excused it to her knowing his manager personally.

The skit followed with other incidents such as her keeping a used tissue that Onew sneezed in and killing a female friend that was present in the gathering because she asked Onew about a neck and shoulder massage. Another highlight of the skit was when she tried to eat the same noodle that Taemin was eating and trying to kiss him on the lips, bringing laughter from the audience and a totally shocked Taemin.

The skit ended with the SHINee members trying to escape and Ahn Young Mi revealing her possession of an underwear that was owned by Onew.

In the same episode, Key also surprised many with his cross-dressing as an attractive girl.

See how shocked Taemin and Onew were as they tried hard to keep from laughing: