Taeyang Happily Enlists In The Army, Bows Down To Fans As A Thanks For Everything

Article: Big Bow + Hand Waving – BIGBANG Taeyang, Fans, Along With YG, Enlists Into The Army

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+2363, -25] Taeyang come back safely.

2. [+1680, -25] Taeyang return safely ^^

3. [+1469, -27] Return healthily

4. [+1290, -33] Return well Taeyang

5. [+1155, -25] Return healthily

6. [+186,-5] Since BIGBANG’s periods between comebacks are so long and they are abroad often, this won’t be such a big deal for me lol Return safely

7. [+152, -5] So cool, nothing short of expected Taeyang.

8. [+143, -4] Walk a successful, healthy path Taeyang!

9. [+140, -8] Since the fans are there, his wife can comfortably look at him from afar, thank you.

10. [+116, -4] Taeyang, GD, Daesung will go and return without any problem. They’re top stars for a reason and will do well in the army as well.