Tao breaks his month long silence on Instagram with emotional photo

Tao greets fans from his Instagram for the first time in a month.

On May 3rd, he wrote in Chinese, Korean, and English, “Thank you for always being by my side. To those people who have always believed in me, I’m grateful, I love you. I love you so much. Thank you,” uploading a photo of himself at his latest birthday event with fans, tears sliding down his cheek as he looks up towards the sky.

With this post, Tao broke his month long silence on Instagram since rumors of his possible leave from EXO-M surfaced. His words on his latest post have relieved fans who are glad to hear from him again as they left comments such as, “EXO 10 forever,” “I will always believe in you,” “Thank you for leaving a post, I’ll always believe in you,” and more.

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Recently, Tao’s father left a shocking letter on Weibo, apologizing to fans as he revealed he would like to withdraw Tao from EXO-M due to health concerns. SM Entertainment responded, revealing they would like to continue discussions on Tao’s activities in China through active conversation.

Source: OSEN