TEEN TOP drop “EXITO” repackage album image teasers ft. Ricky and Changjo

With five days left to the release of their 20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO repackage album, TEEN TOP has unveiled individual concept images for their two youngest members Ricky and Changjo!

In the individual teaser images, Ricky seems to be in deep thoughts as he poses on the ground against the wall, wearing a full black outfit with a a sleeveless top filled with artistically placed holes and coolly styled-up hair. Changjo gives off a slightly sexy feel with his hairstyle as he takes it into the kitchen, with black suspenders on top of his neat white long-sleeved shirt, giving off a charismatic stare straight into the camera lens.

Meanwhile, the group has just celebrated their leader C.A.P‘s birthday that falls on November 4th, updating their fans with a video on how they spent the day in their very own TEEN TOP On Air show.

News of TEEN TOP’s repackage album was first officially announced two days ago on November 3rd. TEEN TOP is all set for their follow-up promotions, with the online release of their repackage album scheduled for November 10th and offline release on November 11th.