TEEN TOP shares “EXITO” repackage image teasers for Chunji and L.Joe

TEEN TOP ups the excitement for the repackaged version of their EXITO album with the release of two more image teasers featuring members Chunji and L.Joe!

On November 6th, Chunji and L.Joe followed members Ricky and Changjo in this release of stylish image teasers for 20’s LOVE TWO EXITO.

Chunji sports his bright blonde hair that looks slightly messy as he peers through his bangs with dark and solemn eyes. With his hand on his forehead to hide a portion his face, the image gives fans a sense of mystery and allure. Although he sports a simple white shirt, Chunji gives off a sense of elegance with his expression.

L.Joe ‘s photo has a darker feeling as the star hides under his hoodie. His sharp and distinct features are highlighted in this side-profile shot and his brown eyes are filled with clarity and thought. The bright lighting contrasts the contemplative mood of L.Joe’s image teaser.

In related news, the group just celebrated leader C.A.P‘s birthday on November 4th by updating their fans with a celebratory video.

News of TEEN TOP’s repackage album was first officially announced on November 3rd. The album repackaged 20’s LOVE TWO EXITO is set to be released online on November 10th and offline on November 11th.

Take a look at their teasers below: