TEEN TOP’s Chunji revealed to be “Romantic Pair of Diamonds” on “King of Masked Singer”

As anticipated by netizens, TEEN TOP‘s Chunji has been revealed to be the singer behind the mask of “Romantic Pair of Diamond” on KBS 2TV‘s King of Masked Singer. His honest remarks being an idol singer garnered much attention as well.

This week’s broadcast of King of Masked Singer unveiled “Romantic Pair of Diamond” to be Chunji after losing to his opponent “Perfume of Mosquito Time.” As his mature and harmonious vocals received much praise by the panels during the previous stages, Chunji’s hidden talent surprised everyone.

Chunji expressed, “Everyone’s speculations were so funny that I was able to enjoy singing. It was a fun day. As I don’t get much attention as a vocal in TEEN TOP, I want to be able to share my voice and sing more. Because I tend to be nervous, it is difficult to stand in front of people. But I am trying hard to fix it. I am glad to have learned a lot from this.”

During last week’s broadcast on May 31st, miss A’s Min unfortunately lost to her opponent nicknamed “Romantic Pair of Diamond.” Soon after the airing, netizens and fans suspected the opponent to be Chunji. However, netizens were surprised to find out that it was indeed Chunji.

Have you been surprised at the hidden talents discovered on King of Masked Singer?

Source: News1