TEEN TOP’s Chunji spotted in Thailand with Thai actor

While fellow TEEN TOP member Niel is busy with solo debut promotions with “Lovekiller,” Chunji was seen taking a breather outside of Korea, as he spent some time visiting Thailand.

Thai actor Sugus Buntawit shared a friendly shot of the two of them on his Instagram on February 28th.

While it is not known whether Chunji was in Thailand for an official schedule or just a vacation, the two artists from different countries seemed to have spent a great time together.

Sugus captioned his photo in Korean, which translates to, “Chunji~ It was nice to meet you and spend time with you in Thailand. Let’s meet again in future. I want to go to Korea too ㅜㅜ Be healthy and fighting!! I will cheer for TEEN TOP ^^ #TEENTOP #Chunji #LeeChanHee #teentop #chunji”

Meanwhile, Chunji is still busy with his lead role in the ongoing musical On Air – Night Flight.