#ThankyouBAP trends #1 Worldwide on Twitter

Less than a day after B.A.P quietly opened a new fan cafe, Babyz have taken to Twitter to express their gratefulness toward the group in all that they have done.

On December 29th, fans noticed that a new link had been updated to member Daehyun’s Twitter biography which revealed a new fan cafe that the members created to communicate with fans. In response, Babyz trended #ThankyouBAP to demonstrate their support and love for the group even through these difficult times.

Fans have continued to tweet actively with messages such as “Thank you for working so hard and always giving your best on stage,” “Thank you for your music, for putting in so much work,” and even mentioning the leader saying, “Thank you, Yongguk, for leading B.A.P so well.”

Many Babyz also tweeted that “We’re waiting for you” and “We will always walk with you,” putting their faith in B.A.P to return soon despite the lawsuit.

B.A.P filed for contract termination from TS Entertainment on November 26th citing unfair pay and unreasonable working conditions with overpacked schedules. As the lawsuit continues, the members of B.A.P have only tweeted once to thank fans for their continuous support.

#ThankYouBAP trends Worldwide at #1
#ThankYouBAP trends Worldwide at #1

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