The internet is obsessed with this girl stuffing her face with bread

The internet is obsessed over the identity of an unidentified woman who likes to rate bread types by rubbing her face all over it. 

Just this month, the internet widely talked about the blog, Bread Face, where the unidentified person engages followers by rating different types of bread by stuffing and rubbing her face all over it, along with a selection of songs for each post.

10. King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls ???

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

As her posts continued and followers reached more than 15,200 followers, the internet started linking information posted by the blogger. The woman in the video only hinted her identity through the profile, “giving the people something they didn’t ask for,” along with hints that she may be in the New York City area due to the selection of bakery products included on her videos.

14. Palagonia Large Seeded Twist ?

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

The page remains a huge topic of discussion amongst her followers making her viral as news agencies such as Mashable and Digg featured her account.

Source: Mashable and Digg

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